In 2015 we set out to make Visa applications into Estonia and Europe faster and easier. To reduce the paperwork needed make travelling easier for everyone. Regretfully, for many reasons, we have failed.

We would like to thank everybody who got behind us and involved. It was an incredible chance to meet some amazing minds and to work with and challenge the status quo. Thank you to the Estonian people who gave us the chance to explore this and everyone from the e-Residency program and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As we knew, it was very risky thing and had a low chance of success from the outset.

If you have been waiting for our doors to open so you could apply for a Visa, we apologise greatly for the inconvenience. Whatever your situation, if you struggle to get yourself into Estonia or Europe, do not let the blockade and bureaucracy thwart your dreams. Be awesome where ever you are. While doors closing may seem like the end, every end is just another beginning.

Thank you for being on the journey with us and best of luck with your endeavours.

InstaVisa, signing out.